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Software I Built

DpiApp (Web Application)

I built DpiApp to help designers send images to their clients. dpiapp

Sometimes unethical client "ghosts away" after designers hand out the original image files, leaving the designer unpaid. DpiApp helps designers protect their images. DpiApp eliminates designer's work on the trivials and lets them focus on what they are good at and enjoy doing.

Amazon Web Store Calculator (Contract Work)

Amazon Web Store Calculator is a customized desktop software I built for a client in a subcontract work. amnstore

The client's company has a lot of Excel files exported from Amazon web stores, containing the transaction data in different languages across all Amazon marketplaces. The client wants to get statistical results of each Excel file. I built this customized software so that the client doesn't have to copy Excel formulas around. What used to be several days' work is now finished in a single click.

Web Medical Data Collection (Contract Work)

Data collection is time consuming for doctors. So I take care of the data, which is what I'm good at. They take care of lives, which is what they are good at. web-data-collection

The client wants to collect patient information from a community data center's web portal. There are 10000 patients, which would take 3 doctors 10 weeks to process. I built a software to download data automatically, and extracted all data to one Excel file in the format they desired. It was about 100k+ files, and took me 15 days.

The most technically challenging part of this task is, some data are in tiny images rather than plain text. I implemented a CVPR best paper's algorithm to recognize the text because no commercial OCR products worked.

Other Hobby Software I Built

Company Official Website (Web Application)

I built a company's official website to help the owner grow her business. It has a public facing home page and contact page. It has several non-public backend management tools for signed up users, including client management, project management, inquiry management, email sending and an online shop for design services. studiu

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