Game Deals (Web App)


Fetch Steam and Nintendo game prices daily, record them, and find out good deals. This is a web app I built with Ruby on Rails. It supports English and 3 other languages, 9 currencies.

Human Machine Interface of Embedded Panel PC


I built a human machine interface (HMI) for a hardware company to demonstrate the capabilities of their embedded panel PCs. The program is a web app running in Chromium browser.

I also recorded multiple screencasts of the program running on the embedded PC.

Source Code

Dpi (Web App)

dpiapp I built Dpi to help designers protect their IP.

Sometimes unethical clients "ghost away" after designers hand out the images, leaving the designer unpaid. Dpi automates the watermark, low resolution image and tracking works. It eliminates designer's work on the trivials and lets them focus on what they are good at and enjoy doing.

Video Introduction

Amazon Web Store Calculator(Desktop App)


This is a customized desktop software I built for a client in subcontract work.

The client's company has a lot of Excel files exported from Amazon web stores. The client wants to get complex statistical results of each Excel file. I built this customized software so that the client doesn't have to copy Excel formulas around. What used to be several days' work is now finished in a single click.

License Plate Recognition(Academic Research + Linux App + Web App)


I built a license plate recognizer with deep learning. It can detect the license plate, car front or car rear, and recognize the plate numbers.

Together with a Rails app and some Python scripts, it opens or closes the garage door of my garage automatically when driving out or back from work.

This is part of my master's degree thesis, the full paper is (in Chinese, has an English abstract): Download(2.6MB, PDF).

Diagnosing Sarcopenia Using Data Mining(Academic Research)


Risk Assessment of Sarcopenia in Patients With Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Using Data Mining Methods.

My friend and I conducted an academic research, aiming to reduce the cost of diagnosing sarcopenia with artificial intelligence. She and I wrote the first draft of the manuscript, and I wrote the data mining program. We published a paper in the third most cited endocrinology and metabolism journal (impact factor: 6.01, co-first author). The paper is: Download(741kB, PDF).