Hi there!

I'm Finn (Fang) Gao, a software engineer. I focus on web application, enjoy Ruby and Rails, know some Python and embedded devices. I build software that runs in browsers and Linux.

I write blog posts, publish screencasts and show some of my work on this website.

To know more more about me.

Recent Posts

  1. How to Deploy a Rails app to Ubuntu with Dokku in 2023, March 18, 2022
    In this guide, I will introduce how to deploy a Ruby on Rails app from scratch with the Dokku open source program. This guide aims at beginners who are passionate about deploying their Ruby on Rails applications to the Internet.
  2. How to Control Chipsee PC Backlight with Python and Browser, March 21, 2023
    Today let's see how we can adjust the screen backlight of a Chipsee industrial Pi PC.